Vacation and the Open

June 12, 2008

As some are aware, I’m leaving for vacation later today. I’m not going to guarantee that I will be able to access the internet while I’m in Florida, but I will make some attempt to do so. Hey, whatever works. At least I’m not going to write on here about the logic of bunting with the bases loaded in the ninth inning. Clearly, Jayson Werth should have swung.


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While I was out…

June 9, 2008

Hey, I missed a lot in the last week. Let’s reminisce…

  • Phillies

It’s official, the Phillies are on fiiiie-yah. 6-1 in the last week (go figure, my sister goes to the loss), and they swept the best home team in the bigs at their park. It seems like the hotter this team gets, the hotter the weather gets; or is it vice versa? Either way, they now go to Florida with their three best pitchers on the bump for a series with the Marlins. Oh yeah, and a chance to blow the division wide open a month before the All-Star Game.

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A post concerning the recent lack of posts

June 7, 2008

Hello everyone.

Due to the passing of my Grandfather last Friday afternoon, I put an end to posts for a while. It’s been a little tough to write as I have been in Huntingdon and Shippensburg all week long, but there will be plenty of posts here once I get back to my computer and before I leave for Disney World, on Thursday.

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts this past week, it’s been a rough one. Something like this reminds you of how short life here is, and how much you have to enjoy it. You just never know.

See you Monday.