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Welcome once again to Against the Spread. When I started this site half a year ago, I made it intending on writing about different sports subjects. The site originates from Maytown, Pa., along the Susquehanna River in northwestern Lancaster County. Despite our location, we do not get either Baltimore or Washington sports channels. We do get Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. My roommate loves the Penguins, Notre Dame football and North Carolina basketball. Our only similar rooting interests are the Eagles and backyard wrestling. More on that later, continue after the jump…

I was born in Huntingdon, Pa., about 120 miles west of where I live now. Growing up, I lived in close proximity to Raystown Lake, home of nothing in particular. My father, raised in western Pennsylvania, played high school football at Tussey Mountain high school in Saxton, Pa., and grew up a Steelers fan. His son could not hate the Steelers more. Black and Gold makes him sick, and therefore limits his shopping from Herr’s Market in Marietta, Pa. My mother, raised in Chester county, Pa., loves the Phillies. She recently attended her first game last September and it is my belief that if she could afford season tickets she’d go to every game.

At the age of five, we moved to Terre Hill, Pa., where I first got my taste of sports. I played baseball for the town team from 5th-7th grade until I moved the following spring.

I then went to Penn Manor high school in Millersville, Pa. and played golf all four years while there. In the 2001 league championship, I made a twelve on the par-5 12th hole at Iron Valley, which was my last hole of the day. We lost to Hempfield by 5 shots for the league title. The next year at Tanglewood, I was leading the individual league championship through ten holes at 2-under. 8 long holes later, I found myself in a nine-man playoff for three spots at the district three tournament. After saving par from the trees on the first hole, four people were left, including one of my best friends from Garden Spot. My double bogey on the second was not good enough and I was deemed the alternate for district play. Quite the goat.

Nowadays, I live with a high school buddy whom I play softball with (see above link).

I have a wonderful girlfriend who lives in Shippensburg, Pa. and she is the love of my life. She is one of the only people I know who loves Penn State as much as I do, and that is a great quality.

Original readers remember who and what my favorite teams are. As you can tell by the banner above, the Phillies are way up on my list. Here’s a simple breakdown of my teams, and sporting habits…

BASEBALL: Favorite team, Philadelphia Phillies

I root for the Phils because I feel that if any team from Philadelphia were to win a championship anytime soon, the biggest party would be for the Phillies. I generally attempt to go to three Phillies games a year. The exception to that rule would be when they play in Baltimore because of its proximity and hot female Oriole fans telling me I suck; the two that are at Camden Yards on the particular night. Little do they know that I have a ten-year old Brady Anderson jersey that still fits me…


COLLEGE: Penn State Nittany Lions

I attended my first Penn State game in 2006, when they hosted Michigan for a primetime nationally-televised game. I have been hooked ever since. Emily and I love to go to Raystown, camp for the weekend a mix in some Blue and White every now and then. Since I was born in Huntingdon, I’ve loved Penn State all my life; but, now with going to games, it has taken on a whole new meaning. The atmosphere is unlike any other sporting event I have ever been to, and if you’d look at my calendar at work, there is a countdown to the first kickoff of the season… even if it is Costal Carolina.

PRO: Philadelphia Eagles

I’m not into the Eagles as much I was when I was in high school. Part of that is going to Penn State games and part of it is the fact that I don’t really watch games with the boys anymore. Super Bowl XXXVIII had to have been my most spiritual sports moment ever though.


PRO: Philadelphia 76ers

The Iverson-less Sixers have been a favorite team of mine for a long time, even back to the days when they had the jerseys with the stars on them. I have a Clarence Weatherspoon jersey for God sake.

COLLEGE: Penn State Nittany Lions

No national titles coming here anytime soon.

HOCKEY: Philadelphia Flyers

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a big hockey fan at all. I like the Flyers, but I’m not religious about them. Chances are you’ll see very few hockey posts on here…


I know it’s tough to watch golf, especially for the casual fan. I like Mickelson, I like Woods and I like Furyk. I’ve actually met Furyk before. Since I play golf, it’s probably easier for me to watch it. It bores Emily to death, so I don’t watch it as much as I used to, but that is okay. I think we’d all sooner play anyways.


I like the nine bunch because of the fact that my old favorite driver, Bill Elliott, ran this car. NASCAR is something else I can just watch too, not sure why but I can stand it. I have been to two races in my lifetime, Pocono in June ’94 and Dover in September ’01. The races are completely different in person than on TV.

Let me know if you’d like to contribute to the site. I’d love game reports if you go to one, guest commentary or even participation on my prediction panel for this year’s football season. Feel free to drop me a line and enjoy the site.


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